Turn any API into a business in 30 minutes

Start serving customers today instead of spending months building boilerplate

We have built everything you need to run an API business except for the API - that is still your job.

What we provide

The features you don't have to build fall into three different categories:

  • Customer Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • API Gateway

If you want to learn more about the different categories please read below. Should you have any comments or questions please feel free to email contact@apibiz.io.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is where your leads and customers can:

  • Create an account
  • Pay for a subscription
  • Explore the interactive documentation
  • Generate access tokens to use the API
  • Contact support

You can configure a custom domain and host your Customer Portal on app.yourdomain.com

We will help you generate valid Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy - all the legal documents you need to run a business online.

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is where you configure and manage your business. You can customize how your customers experience the Customer Portal.


  • Pricing tiers - The prices your customers can choose from in the Customer Portal
  • Setup docs page - Setup how customers can read the documentation on how to use your API.
  • Customize colors and logo of the Customer Portal


  • Stripe - So that you can receive payments directly into your own Stripe account.
  • Google Analytics - So that you can track and analyze API usage and Customer Portal usage.
  • Support software like Intercom - So you can answer your customer's questions.

Customer Management

For each of your customers you can:

  • See how much they have used the API
  • Provide support
  • Temporally block API access
  • Cancel accounts

API Gateway

The API Gateway is a reverse proxy that sits between your customers and your servers.

You can register a custom domain to point to the API Gateway so that the customer is sending requests to your domain (e.g. api.yourdomain.com).

By using the API Gateway your API automatically gets advanced features like:

  • Authentication - Only users with a valid access token from the Customer Portal will be able to call your API.
  • Metering - Keeps track of how much each customer is using your API. Makes it easy to see who needs help getting started and who might benefit from upgrading to another plan.
  • Access Logging - All requests are logged so you can download or see the log in the Admin Portal.
  • HTTPS - Your customers will be accessing your API over a secure connection.
  • DDOS protection - Avoid that script kiddies or run amok customer scripts floods your server.


Don't hesitate to reach out contact@apibiz.io if you have any questions.

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